Just the other night it was 96.5 The Fox @ The Larks game - Bismarck Municipal Ballpark. I had a blast, Dolly from Cool 98.7 came along with me and took some pictures and such. Our 3 other sister stations had been out there before on separate days, Rockin' Rick from US 103.3 had the first turn of throwing out the first pitch. which is a long time baseball tradition. Rick has had some baseball experience having played at the college ranks years before, SO he took this seriously which I respect. Having measured out the correct distance from home plate to the pitcher's mound ( 60 feet and 6 inches ) - he practiced his throwing technique with myself right there in front of the radio station. So when his time came, he threw a strike to the Larks catcher. Awesome!

To give you a brief history of how the whole First pitch started, President William Howard Taft threw out the first ceremonial pitch on baseball's Opening Day, April 14, 1910. That pretty much stayed true since then as usually Presidents would take their turn at it at one point of their political power. The cool thing is that the leader of our country would wear the hometown gear, like the jacket or hat - kind of made your city feel extra special. Somewhere along the line from such respected political figures, times changed - A LOT. Goofy celebrities started getting the nod to attempt a baseball toss ( something they probably have never done in their life ). I have a list of some of the biggest disasters that ever attempted a ceremonial FP. Thank goodness I'm not on it, but as a quick re-cap from last Tuesday night, I realized one huge mistake on my part - I failed to practice with Rick -  hence the one or two or 20 bounces it took my throw eventually reached the catcher's mitt. Enjoy this list of some awful attempts by clicking here.


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