The guy was getting up there in age so you figure his number would get called at some point but it's nice to reflect on his life and some memorable characters he gave us. 

Films he was in included Mississippi Burning, Saving Silverman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and of course Full Metal Jacket as the marine sergeant.  That guy played himself so well in that movie it was haunting.

Then again, maybe that was Kubrick's mystique in casting and portraying the actors he had in a certain light. I tell you right now whenever I looked into that guy's eyes in that movie, there was no doubt he was an unforgiving sergeant!

It was hard seeing him in other movies and TV shows though because I think he was pretty much typecasted to me after that. He did manage to have a 35-year career in Hollywood and was in the original Toy Story along with his 58 film credits and 10 TV credits for his career.

At the end of the day though He's the sergeant you don't want to mess with... "Private Pyle ...What is that a Jelly Do-Nut??" 

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