Here we go again with another Fox River Rock Pontoon Party this Saturday!  Hurry and enter right NOW on our FREE 965THEFOXAPP. You need to be at least 21 years of age - if you are picked from the random drawing which is TOMORROW, you and three friends will spend the day with us! Here is how it breaks down, we'll meet up at The Pier Bar & Grill - the official pre-launch party site - where we are broadcasting live from 11 -1. While you are there, make sure you try the Mahi-Mahi salad! The Pier is an excellent place to kick back outside on their deck, maybe feed some cheese balls to some local carp, and just relax.

After hanging out at The Pier for a bit, we'll all take a short walk over and get on an Open Water Marine Pontoon - Shawn the owner and our skipper will greet you as you step on board - with a full cooler of your favorite beverages. The River will be ours as we cruise around for a couple of hours. We did this last month and we had such a blast, the most important thing of all, of course, is to make sure you are wearing pants when it's 130 degrees out ( Yes, I was the only nerd out on the water in jeans )

Get yourself registered NOW on our FREE APP, and tomorrow afternoon after 2:00 pm I will announce the winner! Hope to see you at our 2nd Fox River Rock Pontoon Party this Saturday, thanks again to Tiffany from The Pier Bar & Grill and Shawn from Open Water Marine Pontoon. 


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