The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner.  Hunting season, pheasant and duck season to be specific and I can't wait.


I resonantly spent some time with the Scheels experts at a product knowledge class after store hours and it's easy to see why these people know their stuff.  The subject of the class was "dog training" and all that goes into it.  That's why I personally love bird hunting so much, because it's so much fun to watch my pup "Callie" do her thing in the field.


Anyway, getting back to the Scheels experts...I learned a lot about dog training and some of their new products for 2019.  Including the Dogtra 1900 S that has 127 levels of stimulation.  Best of all I will get to test drive one of these collars on my dog "Callie" in the near future.  Here's Scheels store leader Bob Brink with his impressive dog "George" going over different commands.


I can't wait to put this knowledge to use in the field with my Dogtra collar.  By the way they have a screaming hot deal on this right now.  Only $239 and you get a $90 dollar gift card back.  Not to shabby.


My son Hunter (appropriately named) and I LIVE for those Autumn mornings in the field and nobody gets you ready like Scheels!

Coming up in the next few weeks I will be continue to work with Scheels to get geared up for both Duck and Pheasant hunting seasons!  I'm looking forward to sharing my photos and videos from the hunts, including a special pheasant opener hunt with Scheels expert Dan, and his secret pheasant honey hole.  I'm told I will be blindfolded into this spot!  So continue to check back here for weekly updates on my quest to become a Scheels expert!  You can also follow my progress on the radio on US 103-3.


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