There is a store in North Dakota that blew me away the first time I walked in. I had just moved to Fargo, from San Diego, about seven years ago. I was TRYING to get used to the weather when my boss told me to follow him on the way home from work - "I'm going to take you to the greatest sporting goods store in the world". The 20-minute drive from Casselton I was thinking "I've been in a zillion sporting goods stores, how is this place going to be any different?" - THEN I saw it! Everything about the place was WAY beyond my imagination - and there was a Ferris Wheel inside! Of course, I am talking about Scheels. If you were to take every sport known to man, Scheels has the equipment for it. Their staff is well known for providing great service - and I'm talking EVERY Scheels - Minot has theirs, and Bismarck has OURS!

Everything I've mentioned so far is well known, to me though, Scheels strength is their involvement in the community. Lending whatever they can do. According to KXNET Bismarck Scheels is hosting its first-ever springtime fundraiser to help a local foundation, asking you to shop ’til you drop. Their goal is to take all the ticket sales and give the proceeds to the Little Buddy Foundation, which helps children in need of a prosthetic. Founder Greg Pruitt says the support from the community is invaluable. Prosthetics can range from a price of just $5 to $135,000! The event is this Sunday and you can find tickets at


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