Bismarck's Amazing Traditions -Larks, Family, Fireworks

I'm going to state the obvious here, the title of this article says it all!  - Bismarck's Amazing Traditions -Larks, Family, Fireworks. This is what so many people here in town look forward to, because every year when Mother Nature dons her baseball hat, the Bismarck Larks bring it...big time.

A relaxing family fun environment 

That's pretty much what the Bismarck Municipal Ballpark is all about.  A relaxing family fun environment - for most of us know this - that America's pastime is - Baseball, Hot Dogs, AND FIREWORKS!!!!  Check out this awesome post from the Bismarck Larks Facebook page:

"The Larks are excited to announce the return of five fan-favorite Fetzer Electric LLC Firework Shows returning this summer.

Every Scheels Family Flock member has a guaranteed Fireworks Night on their plan.
The five shows will be shot by Memory Fireworks following the Larks games on:
• Friday, May 31
• Friday, June 7
• Friday, June 28
• Saturday, July 6
• Friday, August 9
To accommodate surrounding neighborhood requests, the Larks have reduced the number of shows from 2019 and focused on scheduling them during weekend evenings.
The Larks did send mailers to surrounding households to inform them of this season’s firework schedule in advance.
The shows will take place before 11pm and last an estimated six minutes.
Click on our profile, select "Events" and mark yourself as "Interested" in the Firework Nights to receive reminders about the games.
You can go to today to secure tickets for your family starting at $15. Reserved box seats, aisle seats and seats under the awning start at $20"
The magic returns on May 31st!

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