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Sure there are all kinds of other obvious indications that warmer weather is near. For one, the temperatures are rising. We are now experiencing 50-degree-plus days. Tom O'Leary Golf Course is open today, This Saturday is projected to be 70 degrees. We are now into April, and local baseball is just around the corner. Soon the sounds of "Play Ball" will echo in the air and the wonderful sight of fireworks after a Larks win!


An opportunity for the whole family to have a wonderful time

This is what the Bismarck Larks do the best, they get involved in our community. When there is an event going on, you will more than likely see their mascots out on site, along with a couple of ballplayers, helping raise money. In my opinion, they provide the best entertainment in town. What better way to relax than sitting outside in the sunshine at Municipal Ballpark, Dakota Community Bank & Trust Field munching on a hot dog, and watching the huge smiles on your kid's faces?

Bismarck Larks Facebook Page
Bismarck Larks Facebook Page


Bismarck Larks - This is NOT a commercial or an endorsement for them

It is simply words of appreciation for EVERYONE who works for the Larks, from its interns to John Bollinger - the Founder, Majority Owner, and CEO. The Bismarck Larks 2024 season is set to begin on Memorial Day and features 12 home games against in-state rivals Minot Hot Tots & Badlands Big Sticks.

"PLAY BALL"....soon!

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