Welcome to June 1st, summer, and a new season of Bismarck Larks entertainment

What do you think of when I say the word "Summer"? For me, that's an easy question - Longer days, warmer weather, people flocking to the sandbars on the Missouri River, and of course the Bismarck Larks. We are lucky here in Bismarck to be able to experience such a beautiful place to relax on a lazy sun-splashed Sunday afternoon - I'm talking about the Bismarck Municipal Ballpark. The Larks staff do so many wonderful things for our community, and it's obvious how much they care. They participate in fundraisers, you see their promotional staff at golf tournaments around town, and they do whatever it takes to raise money for organizations in need. Tonight the Larks kick off their first official game of the season - 7:05 first pitch.

A fantastic way to get people pumped and motivated for our Bismarck Larks

This is what the Bismarck Larks organization does so well, this past Memorial Day they held their "Flock Fest" at the Municipal Ballpark, a full day planned of sharing their team with our community - how many times can you say that you were able to meet a baseball player and share a hot dog? Kxnet.com reported, "The Flock Fest featured a variety of meet-and-greets with the new lineup for the Larks and their mascots, as well as a vendor’s section for local independent businesses, photo opportunities, and a massive family fun area..."

I've had the privilege firsthand to be involved with some of the Larks events....

.....and nobody does it better. Their Events Marketing Specialist Isaac Bugarin, and Monica Blake from the front office represent what the Larks do perfectly - from the players to the mascots, the people who give their heart and soul to working at the ballpark, this is truly an organization to be proud of. I asked Isaac just one question today, "What do you love most about your job?" - His response was humble, genuine, and classy - "What we do is just awesome, so more than baseball, we are out among families and the community providing entertainment and a helping hand - to be able to do this for a living is just perfect" If you have ever met Isaac you can tell by the never-ending smile on his face that he speaks the truth. Go Larks!

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