So what the heck is going on here in North Dakota? I'm guessing 99% of us are all off our to speak

Let me explain ( without jinxing us ) - normally this time of year WE ( ND ) still have snow-covered streets and fields, and temps in the low teens, if not hovering around zero degrees, so to think about golfing at all would be strictly reserved for someplace INDOORS. Thankfully for all the golf enthusiasts, YOU can play all year long, just not outside. There are leagues formed, and golfers are extremely competitive teeing off on pretty authentic-looking signature holes from famous courses around the country - all from the comfort of golf simulators INDOORS. I see you nodding your head when I say that once again, on a NORMAL year, you won't even think about putting for a par OUTDOORS until around late April...or early May.

Today is February 21st - OUTDOORS somewhere In ND, You will hear golf balls exploding off drivers...

...and you'll see smiles from ear to ear on elated golfers out at Leonard Country Club - 5274 153rd AVE SE - Cass County, North Dakota. Check out their announcement:

 *** NOTICE ***

Leonard CC will be opening the golf course for play on Wednesday, February 21st. Golf Carts WILL BE running. Please book your tee times online.

So exactly where is this place? It's about 190 miles from Bismarck via I94 East  - just a two-hour and forty-five-minute drive with plenty of time to dream and PLAN on hitting a hole-in-one - OUTDOORS! Click here to book a tee time!


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