Sure seems like yesterday when I woke up, checked my bank account, and saw a nice cozy addition - the stimulus check had arrived! That, of course, was back in April. Our U.S. government making an effort to stimulate the reeling economy ( brought on by COVD-19 ) by providing consumers with some spending money. The months have dragged on since then, with so many tragic stories of people losing their businesses, out-of-work folks who have been doing everything they possibly can to just get by. CNBC.COM reported that after months of failed negotiations, lawmakers have finally agreed to a new $900 billion coronavirus relief package.

There are all kinds of different ways that the money will be doled out - you can check that info out here. I saw this story yesterday, and the first thought I had was "Well hopefully this IS really going to happen again, and maybe this will take place by early next year"

Well, check this out. You may be one of the lucky ones and receive your relief $ by NEXT WEEK. According to - Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday ( Today ) that the government would begin to send out $600 checks to millions of Americans next week. “People are going to see this money the beginning of next week,” Mnuchin said   

 This money will be recirculated in the economy and will help small business, the Treasury secretary said. Another boost for small business is that they will also be able to deduct their expenses related to the Paycheck Protection Program. 

This year is almost over, and the fight continues - to save lives and to somehow get our world back to semi-normal again.




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