Our country is being ravished by the coronavirus. This virus is destroying people's lives. Hardship has taken over for those that have lost their jobs. People are told to "Stay at home", which for the most part, everyone seems to be complying with. There have been deaths accumulating. The question is, will we ever get back to normal? The White House and Congress has agreed upon a 2 trillion dollar plan, and allotment of funds to practically every citizen in the United States. Amazing. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? We wake up each day looking for it.

So the common thread is, to slow this virus down, to STOP this pest. Through all of this destruction, there is one thing we have forgotten, SCUMBAGS. These are people who feast on the weak, to steal from the innocent, and selfishly gorge themselves-They are a tough foe. Through national disasters, to local events, scums look for possible scams to rob us of our hard earned money. There is a new way of possibly ripping us off, going on here in Bismarck, for more on that story click here.

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