Think about what it would be like to have every second of your day at work captured on a body cam?

Well, I think it's pretty safe to say that about 99% of our jobs aren't that exciting or controversial, no offense. However, the men and women in law enforcement that put on a uniform and go out on the streets every day are accountable for every action they take. Now try and imagine what that would be like, my opinion is that I would absolutely want to wear one, just in case a situation came up and I would be able to be accounted for.

Who knows just how many volatile incidents in the past could have been somewhat resolved if the technology we have today been available

So should it be mandatory that all police officers in Minnesota and the whole country for that matter wear a body cam? I would have thought it was, but it's not. According to "...there are no national standards governing how or when the cameras should be activated and who should have access to footage" Obviously camera footage and audio can be clear evidence of a deadly mistake, which took place last April.

Back in late December an ex-Minnesota police officer was found guilty of manslaughter

The actual body camera that Minnesota Police officer Kim Potter was wearing on that fateful day captured her reaching for what she thought was her taser, in an attempt to contain an individual and firing her revolver instead, killing 20-year-old Daunte Wright. The video was loud and clear. No disputing anything that went down. Could Potter's trial ended up differently had there not been any ironclad footage? The Reason why some departments around the country do not wear cams is the cost. It's not inexpensive. Whatever the cost though, wouldn't you want to make sure that all of your officers are protected in case of any claims against them, such as traffic stops, or anything that escalated out of control.

All it takes is just a couple of seconds for a situation to turn into something worse, and if it's caught on video, that could be enough proof of any wrongdoing - by either an individual or a police officer.

Simply put, it's a tool I believe that every police officer should wear, without a doubt.


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