A Minneapolis woman is claiming that she was defending herself, at her home, for shooting a man to death

This is one of those stories that are tough to read, for the simple fact that most of us believe that we have a right to be safe and protected at home, what that means to me is that if someone is trying to break in, anywhere on your property, you should have the right to make sure you and your family are safe. So many times have we come across this in the news where normal innocent citizens are armed at home ( which they have a right ) and a situation comes up where shots are fired and a stranger lay dead.

The common law principle

According to startribune.com "A 53-year-old Minneapolis homeowner is claiming self-defense for fatally shooting a man she said broke into her garage and was coming at her and her adult son in a threatening manner" -  And this is a prime example of "the common law principle" - "the castle doctrine" basically says that individuals have the right to use reasonable force, including deadly force to protect themselves against an intruder in their home..." reported ncsl.org. The woman who has not been arrested or identified shot and killed a 30-year old man behind her home back in early February.

Here is the biggest question that always causes controversy

Should she have called and waited for the police to arrive? This is what some will say people should first think of doing, and I agree, however in some cases there may not be a minute you have to decide that. If someone is deemed dangerous at the time of them violating and breaking into your house, then they face the consequences, such as what happened here "...she fired four warning shots from a handgun "to scare the deceased off," The suspect reached advanced towards her and was gunned down. There will always be those that will point and accuse someone of simply acting out on their rights.


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