I have to admit I probably only play the lottery like maybe 2-3 times a year

My own fault, I don't kick myself for not taking a chance of WINNING money. I mean after all, it only takes a couple of bucks ( TWO to be exact ) to play. Let's just imagine you landed here on earth from a planet far, far away - lottery.nd.gov explains the rules this way: "How to play: Select five white numbers 1 through 69 and one red number 1 through 26 - the Powerball®"

So what are the odds of someone WINNING $100,000?

Plopping down your $2 dollars, and keeping your fingers crossed on winning $100,000 - your odds are ONLY 1 in 913,129. It's is possible, I mean someone has to win, why not you? Ok here is a question for you - "Did you play your normal numbers this past Monday?"  When I say "Normal Numbers" die hard lottery participants will know what that means, so many people will play the SAME numbers every time.

I just have one more question for you

If you did play the lottery this past Monday "Where did you purchase your ticket at?" Check this out, according to The Bismarck Tribune  "A Powerball ticket sold at a Bismarck grocery store is worth $100,000 in Monday's drawing. The winning numbers were 19, 24, 40, 42, and 56, and the Powerball was 23" ......SO if you bought your ticket at the Family fare Supermarket on North 11th Street, CHECK YOUR NUMBERS!!! Not only will the holder of the ticket get some money, but so will the store - they receive a $2,000 bonus for selling it.

Is there a time limit he or she has to claim their prize?

Yes, the winner must pick up their $ within 6 months at the state lottery office.


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