Have you ever had a fantasy come true? Something you remember dreaming about for a long, LONG time? For instance, when I was 12 years old, I dreamed of hitting a grand slam with 2 outs to go in the bottom of the 6th inning to WIN the league championship - I came kind of close - (sort of)

When I was pitching for the Indians, back in little league, just one strike was all I needed to bring home the trophy - at-bat was my best friend Mark Lawrence - he had the same dream apparently, as he launched the game-winning grand slam homer - off ME! I can still recall as if it were yesterday, in slow motion, watching my dad (my coach) slam his clipboard down in the dirt, and NOW my EX-best friend running around third base through the big cloud of dust (thanks to the clipboard) and into the arms of his teammates.

So, I never pitched again after that, moved on. Just last year, The Bismarck Larks had a 96-5 The Fox Night at their beautiful Bismarck Municipal Ballpark. Can you take a wild guess as to who threw out the first pitch?

There I was, ball in hand, on the mound again, YEARS later, gazing at the Larks catcher, with confidence (TOO much of it) I went into a wind-up and threw a strike - that bounced 67 times to get there. I think one person clapped....

Just last night (Thursday, July 9th) Bismarck Larks had the Fox out again - I had ONE simple dream, to redeem my performance from last year. Seconds before I strode out to the mound, I asked Cole Roberts (the designated Lark to catch me) if I should throw a knuckleball or a curve? Here is the wonderful thing about Cole, his father is Dave Roberts - Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers - Cole is so modest, he doesn't bring that up in conversation- Ok now it's showtime - I took my stance and delivered a ONE-hopper (clocked at 3 mph) just left of his mitt. That same person from last year clapped again, I think. I thanked everyone I could from the Larks and walked away knowing that I didn't disappoint myself too badly - and isn't that what life is all about?




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