The opportunities for all of us to get out and enjoy life again are slowly unraveling - Last year was a disaster with COVID-19 shutting almost everything down. I find Mandan very charming and am always impressed with their efforts to get people involved, and one such event is happening this Saturday - 'Pop Up Business' put on by Signature Events. From 10 - 2 pm at the Historic Mandan Depot - come experience the historic venue. What I love most about this (held every 3rd Saturday of the month) is that it's a chance to check out other small businesses in town. This is an ideal platform for boutiques or artists. So far there are at least eight vendors that will be there, and there is room for 15 total - the address is 401 West Main Street, Mandan.

I spoke to event planner Renee Murrish, and she has given out an open invitation to anyone who wants to showcase their talents - if you would like to be a part of this call/text 701-226-1640. Click here for more info on their Facebook page. Also, make sure you visit Signatureeventsmandan - see for yourself all the wonderful things they do in Mandan. You looking for a classy place for a corporate party or a wedding?  See more info on a list of professionals who pay attention to all your details so you can just simply enjoy your wedding day or special event. There is an event gallery at the Mandan Depot open to serve you better (closed Tuesday/Sunday) - come in and talk to a professional that will take care of all your planning needs. Convenient, friendly, and plenty of Mandan charm.


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