I never thought about it before I saw this cool opportunity

Well, it's definitely here now, the holidays. We just surpassed another Thanksgiving and are days away from December. Of course with that, we might as well start planning for Christmas. All the traditions slowly begin to unfold. When the last relative drags him or herself off your couch and heads back home after turkey day is over, the excitement turns to December, egg nog, finding a tree for the living room, and lights. Almost everyone I know either tries to outdo their neighbor with a more impressive display of Christmas lights, and they won't admit it, but they do. If you decorate your house or not, one of the coolest things people look forward to is driving around different neighborhoods and checking out all the lights and holiday glitter. Imagine being in the sky and looking down, you can make that happen.

Soaring high (not too high) over BisMan

I think this is awesome - Executive Air Taxi Corporation has officially announced its service and efforts into providing something unique and special - Here is a part of what they posted back on November 1st on its Facebook page:"

"It's November 1st and we are officially taking reservations for our Christmas Light Tours! Christmas Light Flights create unique and one-of-a-kind memories with your family and friends! The Christmas Light Flight event runs through the month of December, from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Each flight is 30 minutes long. Flights require a minimum of two passengers and a maximum of three per flight. Call 701-258-5024 or email csr@executive-air.com to book!"   Take advantage of this and book your tour!

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