I was scrolling on Facebook the other day, when I saw a friend post about scam texts from FedEx. I really didn't think much of it, because of the near-daily bombardment we see on our phones. However, this morning, I saw a few more posts about this scam, so I had to do a little investigating.

In a post on Twitter from Wednesday, FedEx advised, "Suspicious messages should be deleted without being opened." FedEx and investigators are also recommending that the number should be blocked to avoid further issues. If you do get one of these messages or emails, FedEx wants you to report report them at abuse@fedex.com.

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With this scam, you get a text or message from a FedEx impostor, stating you have a package. In the message, there is a link to click. If clicked, the link hacks your device. This type of scamming is called, "phishing" or, when done via text, "smishing". Phishing is a scam used by criminals to get information from victims. Criminals will pose as a legitimate entity to steal information via phone or email. FedEx and investigators would like to alert people to cut down on potential victimization.





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