I wish I could sugar coat my words and say that last month wasn't too bad, not at all. The fact is that March was just plain awful - everything seemed to shut-down, businesses, restaurants, heck we couldn't even waste our money watching a mediocre movie at the theatres. The coronavirus swept in and caused major havoc. I haven't even begun to express the major disappointment of our vacant world of sports.

Last year at this time, March Madness was over, Major League Baseball underway ( My San Diego Padres already in dead last ) everything was in full swing. We finally came to the realization that local sports were finished. The only way you can swing a baseball bat would be on a PS4 game.

Thanks to Bismarck high senior Skylar Jablonski Strand and his mom Mikayla Jahner, this Friday and Saturday the crack of a bat, the sound of a fastball sizzling into a catchers mitt will be a reality here in Bismarck! Mikayla refused to allow the notion that she wouldn't be able to see Skylar in the regular season play because of the virus, asked the senior what he thought about getting some kind of exhibition going. The difficult part would be making sure that all the latest health codes were followed, and that any players assembled would be safe. The persistence of Skylar and his mom has now developed into what's called The Sandlot Showdown. From a distant dream to NOW 9 teams - Williston, Renville, Carrington, Kidder County, 4 from Bismarck, and 1 from Mandan. they are all set to swing away this Friday and Saturday. This tournament is following all the CDC guidelines, for more on what you can and cannot do as far as being a spectator, head over to the SANDLOT SHOWDOWN Facebook page. Also, for more on this story, click here.



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