Yesterday was a day to remember. Our Townsquare media team had this event planned for weeks-our main purpose was to show support for Bismarck Healthcare Workers and Patients. "The Caravan Of Caring" assembled on a sunny, CRISP afternoon, by 1:00 pm., we had our shiny station vehicles out at the Kirkwood Mall North End parking lot-US 103-3 KUSB FM, Cool 98.7 FM, HOT 97-5 FM, and 96-5 The Fox FM. The gathering accumulated, as folks in our Bismarck/Mandan started pulling into the lot, with their vehicles. Everyone followed the social distance guidelines, as they felt the sun on their faces and their cozy car heaters.The attitude was so positive, because we all shared the same goal-to show love for the countless essential workers and patients.

The starting time of 2:00 came, and off we went, not knowing what kind of reaction we would see. The best way I can possibly describe what happened next, is to share part of an e-mail from Lisa Arth, our Director of Sales-"When we drove past Sanford and the people along the streets on both sides waving was unbelievable and the staff waving out the windows of both hospitals just really makes what we all do everyday worth it!  Then when you check your email and you get emails from both hospitals Thanking us for doing this and that it brought tears of appreciation to the Doctors, Nurses and all the staff ".

We can get through this, one day at a time. A HUGE social media hug to EVERYONE who was a part of our "Caravan Of Caring". Bravo!


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