Deer season is upon us - Opening day is near ( November 6th ). With that being said, it is understood that wives, mothers, girlfriends will be spending some extra time without their "other half" - some may relish the time for a short breather - some time alone. There is a brilliant solution for the upcoming "Widows" - This Saturday, from 10-3, in Lincoln at the Barn - South 40 Events - The 4th Annual Deer Widows Vendor. This is a wonderful event for so many reasons! Rachael Howard teamed up with a friend of hers about four years ago, wanting to start up an event that would bring out vendors, entertainment, family fun, and raising money for local organizations. Her brainchild wasn't self-centered, her amazing 3andME Mobile Coffee Shop is more than that, this business run by Rachael and her husband Dathan is a perfect vehicle to share with others an excellent product and be on-site all around town to help lend a hand, and give back to those in need.

In Rachael's words - "Every year we choose local organizations to benefit from the event's proceeds- this year it's Closet 127, a new non-profit organization that I founded.  We accept donations from the community and then work with other local organizations who refer individuals or families to us for household items to "build" their new life- beds, dressers, kitchen items, bedding, towels, baby items, etc.  The mission of Closet 127 is to provide tools and resources to individuals or families who are leaving unhealthy situations and embarking on a new path in life.  More info here: Many local businesses, organizations and individuals donated items for the silent auction, so that we can raise funds to continue our mission, secure non-profit status and work toward a storefront!"

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