I have the utmost respect for anyone who can get on stage and make people laugh

Without a doubt, I think a stand-up comedian has THE hardest job in the world - Think about it for a second, not everyone has the same opinion on what makes a person laugh, every audience, city, and theater is different. Everyone has their own preference, my favorite funny people are the ones who don't have to shock you with every other word being a filthy one. Brian Regan is about as clean as you will ever find, and that's what appeals to me the most.

I would start walking right now, from Bismarck to Minneapolis, Minnesota - to see him perform live again

This man is one of those comedians I have seen either on YouTube or in person in San Diego and when he gets into one of his impressions of real life, it doesn't matter how many times I have heard it, his style, his quirky mannerisms and facial expressions are hilarious. His humor to me is brilliant - I mean how many times have you laughed out loud, saying to yourself or others around you that you can relate 100% to someone telling you about Pop-Tarts? Take a couple of seconds and watch a genius at work...

 That's just a taste of what you will experience if you see him live in Minnesota on December 31st!

Write this down, and don't lose it - December 31st, State Theater - 8:00 pm - Brian Regan - I guarantee you will thank me later - by far this is the funniest man on the planet!


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