The rumors are always swirling inside the NFL.

More often than not, those rumors are just that, rumors.  Case in point, Bismarck, North Dakota's Carson Wentz was supposedly going to the Kansas City Chiefs as a backup quarterback.  You can read all about that here.  I guess it could still happen but it's certainly not a sure thing.

What is a sure thing is that Carson Wentz is planning on playing in the NFL this season and he's working with a former coach.

A coach that is well known for his work with NFL quarterbacks in the past and for getting the most out of them.  I'm referring to former Raiders and Buccaneers head coach John Gruden.  According to Yahoo Sports, NFL inside guru  Adam Schefter is reporting that Wentz has been spending time in Tampa, Florida, throwing and studying film with the former NFL head coach.

The free-agent quarterback will be looking to sign with his 4th team in 4 years.  Reports say that Wentz is willing to be a backup but depending on what happens with injuries during training camp, Carson would be a pretty capable starter that could bridge the gap.

I'm going to throw it out there again, Wentz as a backup, would be a serious upgrade for my favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings.

Carson Wentz is only 30 years old and in the right situation could maybe get back to some resemblance of his old self and his runner-up MVP season in 2017.

At this time, there doesn't seem to be a specific landing spot for Carson Wentz.  According to Schefter, "Wentz is waiting for the right situation."  I for one sure hope he finds it.

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