Well, here we have it, proof that people don't always pay attention when they are on a video conference call. I know from my experience when I'm on one, even though I've been told they can't hear or see me, WHATEVER I'm going to hold my breath, NOD a lot, and keep my mouth shut! Remember people, you never know! I'm pretty sure Chris Platzer may change his strategy if he ever gets another chance to be on a call.

The conference calls I've been on, I've been at work, at my desk. Good old Chris from Northern California was kicking back at home, obeying the "Stay at home", "work from home" protocol and as a city PLANNING commissioner, I would bet money that he didn't PLAN on anything going wrong. You see, I'm guessing when you're used to throwing your cat around like a stuffed animal, and you have an adult beverage going on, in full camera view of an audience, it's NOT going to end up well. I hope I left you in suspense, check out the outcome here.



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