We all know about Fargo Brewing company, that isn't the one though. 

Drekker Brewing company according to Thrillist has been named the most underrated Brewery in North Dakota. Located on 1st Avenue in Fargo, this brewery really caters to the Viking in all of us.  With signature beers like The Hell Bent Brown ale, the Nightman Cometh Bourbon Barrel aged Russian imperial stout among others, this brewery brings the goods.

Here's what Thrillist thinks about them:

Drekker Brewing Company
Top-rated brewery:Fargo Brewing Company
Whenever somebody talks about NoDak, Fargo inevitably comes up. That goes double for beer, since Fargo Brewing Co. has long been the biggest name in a pretty sparse field. Still, there are other breweries scattered throughout, and Drekker -- which ditches cinematic references for Viking ones -- is cultivating a cult based around its strong, confident offerings which range from the high-octane Nightman Cometh imperial stout to the Broken Rudder IRA and a lineup of stellar sours. (For those who really NEED cinematic references, their requisite hazy is called Wheez the Juice, and it's better than anything Pauly Shore ever did.) North Dakota might not have a lot of breweries, but with spots like Drekker doing their things, it's at least got quality on lock. -- AK


It's great to be surprised by a unique brewery. It's even better though when the whole world finally acknowledges it .

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