Just last Monday I posted one of the most disturbing stories I had ever come across

It was a normal Sunday for Murton and his friend Nathan when they came across a horrendous scene, two miles south of Rolette County. Just off the side of the road lay 8 murdered puppies. Murton took the video that will tear your heart out. Three remaining animals were left, one of them hiding in the field, and the others in shock, next to the dead. Shotgun shells on the ground, the scene of complete evil.

The three rescued young puppies were taken away

A police report has been filed, and any information at all on this PLEASE call the Rolette County Sheriff Department at 1-701-477-5623. Murton and Nathan saved the three dogs and took them home.

How is it possible that something like this can happen?

No answer to that, yet. However, by posting and sharing as much as possible with other people, there is hope that the person or persons who did this cowardly act WILL be caught. It is inconceivable to me the mindset of an individual that flat-out murders innocent puppies.

A brand new life for the 3 survivors AND for those that adopted them

I spoke to Ashley ( wife of Murton ) on the phone this morning, she is a 2nd-grade teacher with 3 kids, 3 pigs, 6 dogs, and 3 cats. She and her husband donate much of their time to a local animal rescue. They live in Belcourt. When the puppies ( just 4-5 weeks old ) were brought home on Sunday, Murton just knew that he found those three for a reason, and he and Ashley would keep one for themselves. His name is Edmond. They chose that name for a reason, Google lists Edmund as "A Second Chance"  Their friends adopted the other 2 pups. Ashley told me that Edmund is slowly losing his fear around others. He is slowly starting to play, and DO what puppies DO the best, bringing love and joy to angelic people.

Thanks To Murton These Puppies Have A New Life

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