The coronavirus is a real problem, it continues to expand, taking over the whole world. Their is nothing amusing about a virus that has killed so many, and continues to take more lives. We are now living the cold hard reality of self isolation. We are either forced into working at home, or worse, joining the long list of unemployed. Our schools, restaurants, theaters, sports teams have completely come to a halt. The stress of staying at home, in self isolation, has begun. There are only so many times you can play monopoly before someone goes nuts.

When you are single, and you live with two cats, loneliness accelerates. I'm guessing meeting someone through these dark days are impossible. Wrong. There is now an Quarantine app that can bring you out of your shell, so to speak. Daniel Ahmadizadeh and Christopher Smeder are the two dudes to thank for this grand idea. The app is text based, so basically sharpen up your typing skills, and text your heart out. After a certain crucial "getting to know you" period, both text parties will be introduced to a video chat. To get started, and to find out more on this, click here,.........and good luck ( make sure your cats are in the other room when the video chat begins )

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