What a perfect day it was for our 16th annual Bar Golf 2020! This past Saturday had it all, ten bars around Bismarck and Mandan ready for the golf gladiators primed for hole-in-ones and iced cold adult beverages. Each team had five members, one of whom was the designated driver -  their goal was to visit each bar on the tour and accumulate the best scores, then off to the next challenge. Rockin Rick Rider from US 103.3, Kori B. from Hot 97-5, and I took to the streets, hitting all of the bars, visiting with the teams, and watching the drama play out. Most of the teams had names I could mention on the radio, however, when there are adults with putters and alcohol, several creative x-rated team names invented. Every bar had a unique, different twist to their putting hole. Obstacles, loop-to-loops, and putting into a Monopoly ( yes the board game ) twirling wheel. Borrowed Bucks was where all the teams would wind up at, pretty much the 19th hole in golf, the tension ran high as the scores were counted. The top three teams were rewarded with excellent swag. Coors Light, Miller Lite was represented nicely. Jerome Distributing a huge part of this event. Third place went to ONE STROKE WONDERS, second place was the GRIP IT AND SIP IT, and your Bar Golf 2020 champs - WHERE'S MY PAR?.

A HUGE hug goes out to Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que! Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que has sponsored Bar Golf since year #1. They served delicious pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw - Best food in town.

All in all, it was a fun day, and this great tradition could not have been carried out without the wonderful bars involved :

The Scapegoat Bar

Stage Stop Saloon & Grill

Lonesome Dove

Tap-In Tavern

Stadium Sports Bar

Cheap Shots Sports Grill

Lucky's Bar

Pub 21

The Elbow Room

Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse.

US Open Eat Your Heart Out - Bar Golf 2020

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