The coronavirus silently crept in the United States, and now is causing huge concern, not only with us, but the entire world. This virus isn't new, it was first discovered back in the 60's. Coronaviruses is a confusing killer-the virus causes colds with major symptoms-fever,aches and pains,sore throat. Some cases are relatively harmless, others can bring pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

The coronavirus is highly contagious, spreads easily from person to person. We are now seeing the effects caused by this virus. Major events we have come to look forward to, have either been suspended or flat-out cancelled. We are under attack, and measures are being taken for our health, and what all of us can do.

Last night, Steve Bakken, our Mayor here in Bismarck, addressed the situation, and declared our city a local disaster emergency. This allows the City to assist with community wide response efforts for the COVID-19 pandemic-For more on this, click here.



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