What is your favorite part about reading a book?

Everyone is different, that's what makes life special. Some people choose to relax by watching Netflix, while others want to be out and about enjoying a hockey game. The real beauty of reading a book is letting your mind take over. Images of what the author has written, you almost feel like you are a close friend to them, and that is exactly what 32-year-old Kali Mackay has achieved through her publishing. A short book titled Your Co-Parenting Success was her first book, and a second one followed...

A mom of two children AND a "Bonus" kid

With her two kids aged 11 and 4, and a "Bonus Kid" ( stepdaughter ) at 9 years old, Kali has gained some life experience:

"I am kali Mackey, a resilient 32-year-old author, and devoted mother of three, including the joy of being a bonus mom. Juggling the responsibilities of a full-time job while navigating the intricate path of motherhood, my journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Life, with its unexpected twists and turns, has been a constant companion for me Despite facing numerous challenges at such a young age, I have emerged stronger and wiser. Inspired by my experiences, I've decided to document the highs and lows, the laughter and tears, by putting pen to paper. The act of writing, initially a therapeutic outlet, soon transformed into a passionate pursuit. I discovered the magical power of storytelling and found solace in sharing my unique perspective on life. My ability to weave heartfelt narratives, drawn from my own life, resonates with readers who connect with the authenticity of my words. Becoming a published author was a dream I never thought possible..."

...Unfiltered Guidance For OverStimulated Moms - No-Nonsense Edition

Her latest project and it's also available in Ebook, and Paperback ( eventually she hopes it will be an audiobook ) Both of her books can be found on Amazon. The unique and modest thing about Kali is she kept her talents hidden until just over a week ago - on her Facebook page:

"Guess who just published her ✌️ book?
ME, I DID 💅🏼👏🏻
EDIT: Amazon is where I publish my books. Ebook and paperback are both live ❤️
If you do Ebooks head to my other post


Dickinson should be proud - her parents sure are - check out this message we received here at our radio station:

"This is her second short reader paperback book or e-book version she has written. The first one is about a stepmom. She is my daughter and we are very proud of her, lives in Dickinson, ND. Would make a great story..."

I agreed immediately. I enjoyed a ten-minute phone conversation with her this afternoon. My favorite question was answered beautifully by Kali - "What's your favorite part of your job ( writing stories )?"

"I get to write and share my perspective on life's experiences, and If I can make an impact on just one person, it's all worth it"

Well, you did your job, you touched mine.



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