The talk of the town, heck our country, the number one question that comes out of our mouths -"Did you get your stimulus check yet?" That is all that people are talking about lately. I am guilty of it as well. This isn't the first time our government has sent relief checks out. In 2008 and 2009, money was mailed out, to help battle the recession, and the Economic Recovery Payment was doled out in 2009. I received mine this morning, already nestled into my checking account. The thought of even more help coming, has really started to open my eyes, to just how serious these times we are living in is. House Democrats are working on a plan to pay Americans two grand a month, until we somehow get our feet back on the ground, and get past COVID-19.

I'm not sure we really know how bad our economy is, until it impacts us dead center. Our world seems like it's spinning out of control, unemployment soaring, death toll climbing. The critics are saying that a one-time stimulus check is not enough. There seems like too many factors to consider, what will bail our country out of a devastating avalanche we are in. To me, the thought of extra relief, consistent financial aid is somewhat comforting, however the daunting reality is that the list of daily casualties still continues. Check out the possibilities that are being hashed out.

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