We, the world, are watching the effects of the coronavirus smothering all of us. The virus has already mangled our economy, shutting down businesses, and causing unemployment stats soaring. There are so many people now, stuck at home. The few that actually can work, the "essentials" so to speak, their insanity is spared. They can leave home, and come back eight hours later.

The masses however, are behind their closed doors, trying to do the right thing, and to avoid getting arrested and fined ( a real threat ). What do we do in Bismarck/Mandan? How do we occupy our time? We try and avoid getting sick and tired of our loved ones ( also couped up and "caged" inside ). Most people have burned through every conceivable Netflix series, and rack their brain trying to come up with something else to keep them occupied. "North Dakota Nice"-would you carry on that traditional attitude if you thought you were being invaded? Lately, around the country, there have reports of UFO's cruizing our skies. My own opinion is this, IF they really are from planet BLOTTO, why the hell would they want to take over our blue orb NOW? Are they immune to bad television, and a runaway coronavirus? Humans, for more on this click here.  *** Videos inserted are laced with graphic NON extraterrestrial language ***


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