The coronavirus craziness continues. We are being told that May 1st, things may start getting back to normal. That's what our government is shooting for. The novelty of "Stay AT HOME" is pretty much wearing thin. Our economy is trying to stay afloat, local businesses that have stayed open, are doing their best to adapt to taking care of us. The creative ways of restaurants here in town, Texas Roadhouse being one of them, have done a wonderful job of providing their standard terrific food-curbside!

What to do entertainment wise here in town? The options are pretty much nil. We all know that theatres are closed, sports venues shut down. I'm pretty sure at this point, that you have exasperated everything Netflix has to offer. The one show, that has endured through the years, from Chevy Chase, to Eddie Murphy-'Saturday Night Live' has been like a late-night comfy pillow. Like it or not, the show has been around since 1975. Here's the rub-LIVE. Yes, 'SNL' is recorded live in a New York studio. Well look what the creative "The Show Must Go On" folks came up with, a feel good, replica of Tom Hanks, in YOUR living room. Check it out here.

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