This truly is the most wonderful time of the year - gathering with loved ones, the music, the rich traditions, and the goodies. THE GOODIES. There's nothing quite like the traditional holiday treats to get you in the Christmas spirit, and we decided to find out what must-have snacks mean Christmas to you.

We asked our listeners and got a great response! So without further ado, here are the top 10 goodies you think best capture the Christmas spirit.

  • Yelena Kovalenko
    Yelena Kovalenko

    Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

    Cookie cutters! Frosting! Sprinkles! Oh my!

    With their soft, buttery goodness and the freedom to decorate any shape however you want, this holiday classic remains the crown jewel of Christmas treats, in our humble opinion.

  • saje

    Peanut Butter Blossoms

    Is there any better combination than peanut butter and chocolate? No. The answer is a resounding no.

  • olvas


    This rich, creamy treat is sure to take even the biggest kid back to simpler times. Although there are countless flavors to choose from, traditional milk chocolate is the undisputed winner.

  • Jill Battaglia
    Jill Battaglia

    Peanut Brittle

    This old-fashioned favorite usually finds its way into homes throughout the Christmas season. With its sweet-salty combination, this treat is perfectly served alongside a steaming hot cup of coffee or cider.

  • Roslen Mack
    Roslen Mack

    Chex Mix

    For the savory fans, this party mix is an absolute must-have. A combination of cereal, pretzels, and nuts makes this the perfect salty treat at Christmastime.

  • Cedric Carter
    Cedric Carter

    Popcorn Balls

    Popcorn balls are multi-functional, especially around the holidays. They're perfect for gifts, decorating the tree, or just plain eating!

  • Alyssa Fitzgerald
    Alyssa Fitzgerald

    Puppy Chow

    Again, the combination of peanut butter and chocolate cannot be beat. This is the very definition of perfection.

  • pralineparadise


    This creamy confection is great any time of the year, but there's just something about devouring a homemade caramel while basking in the glow of Christmas lights that makes them magical. Throw in a dash of sea salt and you've got the recipe for perfection.

  • Kelly Thorson
    Kelly Thorson

    Almond Bark Pretzels

    There's something about these incredibly simple, yet delicious, snacks that perfectly capture the Christmas spirit. You can add sprinkles, crushed-up nuts, or eat them plain - just make sure you eat at least a few this holiday season.

  • Azurita

    Hot Chocolate

    A perfect compliment to any item on this list, nothing says 'Christmas' like a steaming cup of hot chocolate.