I have found lately that I love putting together these galleries - for one, I get a chance to learn just a tad more on the GOOD or BAD "behind the scenes" moments. This gallery is a painful one, for all the classic rock bands that "Gave Their All" and saw it all peter out after just ONE song. I also have my disagreements on this list, for one thing, Soft Cell was NEVER a rock band. Mick Jagger would throw up if someone asked him to sing "Tainted Love", To quote Charlie Brown "Good Grief".

As we go through life, we ALL have heard One-Hit Wonders. Some WONDERS last a while, maybe all summer long, most though are forgotten the following winter. Of course, having a One-Hit smash doesn't usually mean that your group will never be heard from after that, take a look at Nazareth for instance. They put out "Love Hurts" and "Hair Of The Dog" - which if you think about it when your heart gets broken, might as well start drinking all night - which leads to a major hang-over, which THEN produces a little "Hair Of The Dog" to cure any ailments. So as you go through this list, it's not to point out that the bands suck, and completely disappeared, it simply tries to prove a point it's not easy pumping out classic hit songs/records, and those band that has, and STILL entertain TODAY, are a rare breed. Check out more about this list by clicking here.

Top 10 One-Hit-Wonders In Classic Rock

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