This list will no doubt raise arguments everywhere. To me, every one of these sports are so demanding that they all stand out alone - on their own. Imagine looking straight into the eyes of a 2,400 pound bull? Then by all means, sit on top of the pissed off beast and expect to hold on as long as you can. Imagine one more time falling off, and having 2,400 pounds stomping you into the dirt? NO THANKS. This list put together by Sportytell combines so many elements that make a sport hard. Let's see, Agility for one - The unbelievable moves men and women make on a high beam seem so impossible for the rest of us to comprehend. Strength, cordination a huge part in gymnastics. Their number one pick for the hardest sport - Boxing. Not only are boxers fit as far as cardiovascular wise is concerned ( 3 minutes per round ), but the shots they absorb doesn't seem real - heavy blows to the side of the body, to the ribs, and when we as spectators are watching this happen it's almost as if like they are wearing body armor.

Most of these sports the average person may never try in their lifetime, of course some have been fun thing to do growing up - like recreational skating. Figure skating on the other hand defies the law of gravity. How long have you ever treaded water in a pool? Water polo is all that and more - we're talking 32 minues of agonizing torture in my book. Bottom line is this - Each sport on this list demands respect, and is extremely difficult on it's own.


Top 10 Hardest Sports In The World.

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