The television show Saturday Night Live has become a classic, a staple on a late-night Saturday. This is a program that has seen it all and has had its ups and downs of success. On October 11, 1975, SNL made its debut with a cast of relative unknowns. A comedy writer by the name of Lorne Michaels created this show, and comedian George Carlin was the very first host. Some big-time superstars have evolved from being a cast member - Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey to name a few. This show was their training grounds so to speak, and through the years SNL has had its share with big-name stars as their host or hostess. The IMDB ( Internet Movie Database ) put together a list of the top ten SNL Host of the 1990's - Most of these folks riding high with their television shows ( Jason Priestly - Beverly Hills, 90210 ). The skillset of some of the hosts blended in perfectly with SNL cast. Not every host as been easy to work with, heck that's a whole new top 10 list of nightmare hosts.

The 45-year run of Saturday Night Live is pretty amazing when you think about it, the show has had its controversies - In 1972 musical guest Sinead O'Connor turned political when after her performance she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul the 2nd into pieces and shouted out "Fight the real enemy". She, of course, was not invited back. Looking at this list, some stars only hosted once, but their performance was so brilliant, it made them an instant favorite - Patrick Swayze's Chippendale skit with Tim Farley was one of them. Now it's up to you whether you agree or disagree with this list.


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