This is a very controversial story that is still playing out on one individual that made a huge error of judgment

One of the two words I used for the title of this article was "Human Being"  - that's what we all are -and "Human Beings" make mistakes, and unfortunately some of them can have an impact on your life for quite a while.

Back in September of last year a nightmare for one Bismarck person was caught on tape

I wrote about this last December:

"Her name is Emily Eckroth. A Bismarck School Board member, she made the news over an incident back in September regarding a traffic stop. It was here that she lost control of what is right and wrong, letting her temper get the best of the situation, haven't we all had that happen at one point or another in our lives? Her mistake and poor judgment unfortunately for her was captured on video - according to "Dash camera footage released Monday shows Bismarck School Board member Emily Eckroth cursing at police officers during a traffic stop Sept. 3. Eckroth pleaded guilty this month to a misdemeanor physical obstruction of a government function charge for the interaction"

Example Of one from last month -Petitions to recall Emily Eckroth from the Bismarck Public School Board...




...and ANOTHER one is scheduled for today - Now before you even consider signing, just think about a FACT  - people make mistakes, The punishment she has received so far is being shamed in the public eye for her actions, which to me would be the most damaging.  This is the bottom line, Bismarck residents have a hand in having her removed permanently, and YOUR signature could affect a fellow "Human Being" - it's as simple as that,

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