Social media is a place to express yourself freely. It's used for connection, education, and creativity. Unfortunately, we know all too well that social media has its negative sides. One of those negatives is shaming, and a manager at a Bismarck business was recently the target of a shaming video.

Yesterday (June 1), on Facebook, there was a video circulating of a customer who was at a Bismarck grocery store, criticizing the new store manager's body. The customer made her thoughts known to the internet while she was standing outside of the business. The shaming video appears to be from a Facebook live stream, and already has tens of thousands of views.

The video, timestamped for this past Saturday (May 30), shows Renita Rhone Brannan outside of the Bisman Community Food Co-Op. In the video, she tells viewers her thoughts on an employee's body. Brannan says that the new manager of the Co-Op is obese and that the manager shouldn't be working at a natural food store.

As of this morning (June 2), the video has garnered 67,000 views, over 1,000 comments, and 943 shares on Facebook. The people of Facebook have spoken, and as I scrolled through the comments, I saw messages of anger and frustration towards Brannan. I also saw messages of encouragement and support for the Co-Op manager and the business.

I did look for more information on Renita, but her Facebook profile is currently not visible. However, by scrolling through the video post's comments, I found an influence page by her called "All Strong Moms," where she has over 9,500 followers.


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