The coronavirus continues it's rampage, taking lives, infecting more and more people. The Virus also continues to keep people out of work, as the unemployed rate is soaring. These are difficult times to say the least. We are all keeping our eyes and hopes that the "Light at the end of the tunnel" get wider and wider. What we all took for granted at the beginning of the year-shopping, sporting events, going to a movie-a simple normal life, has been handcuffed. The "STAY AT HOME" measures now in place, for most states, the number one question on everyone's mind-"When can we get back to home, WHEN can we venture outside and jump start our lives again?"

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum faced that issue yesterday, and extended his executive order for business closures to remain that way until April 30th, his reasoning is that he expects higher numbers of COVID-!9 still to come in North Dakota.

Here at home, Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken faced a controversial subject-a proposal to allow restaurants to sell alcohol with to-go orders. That idea was rejected, Bakken's reasoning makes absolute sense-restaurants rely on food as their MAIN source of revenue. The notion of selling alcohol on the side-TO GO, would stir up a whole batch of concerns.

The Governor and our Mayor both faced criticism for their actions. Social media is full of "Backseat drivers" who love to deliver negative, lazor sharp comments filled with frustration. I shake my head when I read comments from people who are lashing out, for spreading their "own virus" of dissapproval. I understand we all have our opinions, but try taking a moment, and think about what it's like to make decisions that affect all of us. For more, on both of these events, click here and here.

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