Not terribly too long ago that was pretty much the only way you would go about paying a bill

Not even taking a second thought when you went about paying your monthly bills - getting your checkbook out and one-by-one dropping them off in the mailbox. That seemed like so long ago, especially since almost everything we do in today's world is driven by our computers - however, there are some people who STILL go about things in life the old-fashioned way - and to that, I say "Be Careful"

Recently the U.S. Postal Service issued a warning - a rather stern message to us all...

...Do not send checks through the mail. That's about as clear as you can get. According to "The Postal Service reports that complaints of mail theft doubled in 2021, and banks report that check fraud jumped to 680,000 reports last year, up from 300,000 the year before" Obviously by looking at the facts, more than double the amount of mail theft from just a year earlier. Another realistic point of advice - to use your credit card over mailed checks is what Caitlin Driscoll of the Better Business Bureau pointed out -  "Credit card method is always the safest method because you have the most legal recourse and the most amount of time should a transaction go awry,"

Is this warning JUST for North Dakota?

Of course not, I'm amazed how many people still mail checks - "Americans wrote 3.4 billion checks last year...", according to the Federal Reserve. Finally, I would take heed to the warning - hey look at it this way, you'll be saving money by eliminating buying stamps!


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