Today is Monday, the start of a brand new week. Most people hate today, I actually embrace it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my time off as well, but I feel better when I'm working, being productive, and giving my best every day. When you have a good attitude, it hopefully will rub off on others. I am grateful for being allowed to work outside my home when so many others have been "locked down" so to speak. This year has been a struggle for all of us, especially lately with the North Dakota coronavirus numbers soaring. Grand Forks starting a partial mask mandate today, joining Fargo and Minot. The attitudes of North Dakotans have been tested, that's for sure. How are most of us feeling towards wearing a mask? Are you frustrated that it's coming to the point of it being mandatory? Some make it very obvious that they are not happy, and that all the studies of "this and that" have no proof that donning a mask helps.  Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn has said that it's ineffective and that it is completely NOT safe just by wearing one.

Today, Monday, the Inforum posted a letter sent to the editor - the title makes you stop and think - We're on our own in North Dakota.  Liz Conmy is the author of this letter, she's full of frustration, worry, and she makes it extremely clear how she feels - "Impotent: There is no other word to accurately describe the leadership in North Dakota"

                       Liz goes on to say that COVID-19 is personal to her. Her family is suffering from the virus - so many close family members have been in quarantine, and the younger ones "likely caught it at school where no masks or precautions were taken seriously"     

The Inforum had this to say at the bottom of the page "This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership"      To me, this is something we all needed to hear, whether we agree with her or not.

You can read her whole letter by clicking here.


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