Have you ever experienced a "Brush With Greatness?" - found yourself feet away from a celebrity?

99% of the time when it happens it's at the least expected moment - you're walking down the street, you turn the corner, and there is a TV or movie star right in front of you. I have had this kind of thing occur before, but NEVER while battling a blizzard.

Back in July when the weather was nice and warm, an announcement was made

"Bismarck was getting a visit from a renowned comedian" This is what I wrote back on July 12th of this year - The Bismarck Event Center put this press release out and gave us this good news "Renowned comedian, podcast host, and author Bert Kreischer announced 32 additional dates to The Berty Boy Relapse Tour..."  So fast forward to November of last year,  driving the station vehicle home with extra caution, I headed down my street and noticed a huge bus semi-blocking the road. There was my celebrity sighting, kind of ( I didn't see him, he was probably way in the back of the bus )


I was pretty sure that his show was already canceled...

...minutes later I saw this posted from The Bismarck Event Center:

Due to the weather, tonight's Bert Kreischer performance at the Bismarck Event Center has been postponed and rescheduled to Wed., Mar. 22, 2023.  All tickets issued for the original Nov. 10 date will be honored for the new date and do not need to be exchanged for new tickets.  We apologize for any inconvenience but want Bert and our fans to be safe.

The very next day I ran into a few of his entourage outside of his bus as they were getting ready to drive to Fargo - I asked one of them what they thought of Bismarck ( a pretty stupid question considering they were stuck at their hotel ) - but I could tell within a second the respect she had for conditions we North Dakotans see unfortunately from time-time. "You must really be used to being prepared to deal with...THIS"  As she pointed to the roads that were a complete mess. I have to say it truly is intimidating when you first move out to North Dakota for the obvious  - the weather.

So Unless there is a LAST MINUTE Blizzard this afternoon, Bert will hit the stage TONIGHT!!!!!!


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