What part of life's journey are you at? Maybe you are just getting out of high school or you just graduated from college, and you are facing a full-time job ahead of you. Some folks work almost their whole lives looking forward to the "Twilight Years" - The golden age of retirement. Living the rest of your life traveling or playing golf every day, would be ideal for those who just want to take it easy - heck you deserve it!.

There is a gentleman who falls in only one of the so-called groups I wrote about in the last paragraph -  his name is Ernie Brookins, a West Fargo resident. Yes, he is a senior citizen, at 79 years young, he's not looking for some kind of hammock to sway in while drinking lemonade - he has one small goal right now in life - to change the world! The Inforum just recently did an article on him and his wife Gail, and check this out - the genius minds of this couple just recently announced they moved one step closer to obtaining a patent for what the United States Patent and Trademark Office termed a "perpetual motion machine." According to Brookins, the machine, a hydraulic hybrid system, creates more power than it takes in and could power a car for 50,000 miles without fossil fuels. 

This is how Brookins explained it referencing the 1980 Chevrolet he's used as a test vehicle throughout the process "What that means is that my pickup doesn’t need an engine. It's all self-contained in the pickup. You pre-charge it one time and you can drive it, as long as nothing leaks, for 50,000 miles."

This isn't his first rodeo ( if that makes any sense at all ) The latest patent application, Brookins said, is the closest he's come to completing the project. Brookins, who formerly owned A Transmission City in West Fargo, holds nine automotive patents dating back to 1996.

I think it's safe to say that Ernie and Gail are not just sitting around watching time go by ( not to say there is anything wrong with that ) - They want to change the world! Which makes me exhausted just thinking about their lofty goal :

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