Now that West Fargo has gained some fame recently, with the handsome rating of number 23 they received on the list of BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN THE U.S., will there be a flood of people packing up their belongings and move there? Only time will tell on that I guess. KFYR reported today " announced its annual ranking of the Best Places to Live in the U.S. and the City of West Fargo earned the 23rd spot. The list features 50 towns and cities where the economy, job growth, and housing market remained strong despite COVID-19 disruptions". Evans, Georgia topped the list. So what exactly is the criteria for a city to make this list? How in the world did they come up with their picks? the list took in many variables such as population ( over 25,000 residents ) and economy - such as employment opportunities. Usually, a city that makes the top 25 functions well in providing jobs and security and supply and demand for homes. Checking out the list yourself you'll also see where West Fargo was number 1 when it comes to the lowest median home price. That last stat alone would help encourage a family's decision to relocate to North Dakota.

KFYR also pointed out that 24/7 Wall Street put out a special report that West Fargo is also the best city to live in North Dakota and that "The report also notes West Fargo’s poverty rate is nearly half the 14.1% national rate". For more on this story and to check out the full list of Money's BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN THE U.S.  click here.



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