The moment an athlete decides to "Hang up his cleats", call it quits, is usually a tough decision. They have put so much of themselves into the sport, from high school, college, the pros, not to mention the endless hours of practice, pre-season. You'll hear over and over, that when a player is finished, the ONE thing they miss the most, is their fellow teammates and competitors. So when I all heard that New England tight end Rob Gronkowski was retiring, my first thought was "Will Tom Brady be next?". After all, these two had teamed up for years, bringing Super Bowl victories to Boston. His last game was the Super Bowl win against the Los Angeles Rams in 2018, and Rob is only 30.

The legendary Tom Brady, quarterback and leader of the Patriots for the past 15 years, is 42 years old. He is on his way to another chapter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gronkowski made it known he was interested in possibly exploring acting, but that never panned out. Brady continues to have that motivation to play football. With a couple of rolls with the dice, some innovative thinking, thanks to Gronk's agent, he'll be coming out of short retirement, and join Tom Brady once again. On the same team, same locker room, the same game of football. What a marriage. Check out more on this here.

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