When did sitting down with a pad and pencil ( or pen ) with a simple goal to write a letter go extinct? Well, that's an easy one to figure out, computers came along, and became easy access to all, then we stopped with the snail-mail nonsense, and fell in love with Facebook. To send a thought or to deliver a message, it takes a couple of taps into a keyboard - hit send and off it goes to whomever you desire. Technology at it's finest, but then we found an even lazier way to communicate - LOL, LMAO, BTW. SMS language, textspeak or texting language is the rapid way of being extra brief, and yet somehow still able to communicate with others. There are some people who ONLY text, and nothing else - a zillion texts a day may be commonplace. Think about how much valuable ( Ha-Ha ) time they are saving - ROFL - NVM-ILY-ROFL-YOLO. I'm guessing if an ALIEN from a far distant highly intelligent galaxy crash-landed, and came across someone's texting conversation - he or she or IT would have not a clue what was said.

All of the above mentioned is a sheer waste of 190 words, for Today is World Emoji Day! That's right, what used to be just a simple smiley face, has exploded into every possible emotion you can think of. From a pile of human ( or dog, cat, anything living I guess ) excrement, to fruit, or a green face spitting out vomit. You get the idea, WORDS and short nifty abbreviations are rarely used, Emojis apparently says it all. Finally, it dawned on me, if I had to describe Bismarck, ND with one simple emoji, which one would it be?  For more on this amazing day click here.




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