So this is not a trick question or a "Ha-Ha" funny riddle

This really took place years ago, somewhere in North Dakota. If you are a true historian OR an even truer hamburger fan, you would know exactly the year and what city this took place in. As a matter of fact, this event drew thousands of people and the attention of the folks from the Guinness World Record. Yes, this actually happened in a town in North Dakota back in 1982. What would your guess be? A city large enough for 10,000 hamburger-hungry people - maybe Fargo?

I kid you not, I just now took a look at this town's population

Just over 200 miles away from Bismarck, North Dakota is a town called Rutland, North Dakota. I did a quick check on Google, and the population of this small city read 163 -     So how in the world did 8-10,000 people decide to meet up back then in this tiny town? Here is what reported "In 1982 Rutland hosted the “Grand Daddy of All Celebrations” when it went into the Guinness Book of World Records with the cooking and eating of the World’s Largest Hamburger. That year, between 8-10,000 people came to sample the tasty 3,591-pound burger. One half of the grill is still on display at Sanderson Field in Rutland"

Still don't believe me? Check this out

I found this on good old YouTube - Fast Forward to around 12:27, and you'll see how people literally came from miles around to be a part of history ( and maybe bring some extra ketchup )

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