Just recently I wrote a story and shared some pictures of mansions in Mandan

As we all were foaming at the mouth looking at gigantic, gorgeous houses in Bismarck/Mandan, the real reality is simple. About 99% of us could never afford to live in one. So what in my opinion makes a house a mansion? The first thing I notice is just how spacious these homes are, how high their living room ceilings reach, and how many cars can fit comfortably in the garage. For those few people that live in an abode that has 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, I really doubt they are utilizing ALL of the space they have in their luxurious home, however, let me show you some people that are doing just that.

Can you imagine owning your own home in Bismarck/Mandan with downright inexpensive monthly payments?

What if you could actually buy a home, complete with all the fixings ( installation and full building materials ) with payments of around $250 a month? Robert Langford actually went ahead and did that, shot a video of what it's like living in such a moderate, minimal space house, and let us into his small world on TikTok:



  Do you think you could do that here in Bismarck?

Well according to distractify.com "They ( Robert Langford ) highlighted a massive backyard shed that was being offered by the Home Depot, complete with installation and full building materials, that could be financed for around $252 a month" Of course, there are pros and cons to this, and you can read it about on the web site. One last thing, some of these teeny-tiny homes are built on towable hitches - YES you can take your home mobile. Crazy isn't it?


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