The Holderness family is all the internet is talking about this week. In just a few short days, their #XMASjammies video Christmas card went viral and currently sits at over 8 million(!!) views. But that leaves us wondering - who is the mom from the hilarious video?

Kim Dean Holderness has an extensive media background, spending 10 years as a TV journalist in Florida, New York and Raleigh, NC. If she looks familiar, that's probably because she was also a national correspondent for the TV show Inside Edition, and has interviewed celebrities like George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump and more. She also hosts Rex On Call, a monthly program that covers the latest in medical technology, treatments and health trends.

Kim Dean Holderness
Kim Dean Holderness/Twitter

As mentioned in their video newsletter her husband, Penn is leaving his position as news anchor on WNCN in Raleigh to join their video production firm, Greenroom Communications.

You can follow Kim on Twitter or find her on Facebook.

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